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“As an additive manufacturing designer, I often have to quickly determine the feasibility and viability of complex parts for metal powder bed fusion. Thrinno has developed a great solution for this task. It provides both a customisable automatic method for evaluating parts, as well as exposing key part benchmarks to the user. I particularly like the features for enclosed powder and support volume. The formula tool for calculating prices holds up and includes the important cost drivers - and it is customisable. Well done!


- Harald Schmid, CEO of Gramm

Quickly create professional quotations for Metal AM

How it works?

  • Make a profile that fits for your machine(s) and business processes


  • Import and analyse .STL files


  • Automatically generate a quotation with price and design feedback


Why people use it


  • Their sales people save valuable time when making offers.


  • Their engineer gets price feedback while deciding on quality.


  • The semi-automatic orientation helps them quickly find several orientations without wasting engineering time.

Metal AM Design Checks - Website Plug-in

How it works?

  • Your visitor uploads a model


  • Manually chooses an orientation


  • The program automatically calculates and visualises the different design checks


Why people use it

  • More interaction on the website means more brand recognition.


  • Their conference stand attracts foot traffic, this digital tool attracts customers from outside the region.


  • They can export a summary of people who tried to upload files



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